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The 10 Most Anticipated Restaurant Openings of Fall 2023

A family-style Filipino feast in New York, Sri Lankan comfort food in Lexington, KY, a Ukrainian restaurant from a Chicago star chef, and more restaurant openings we can barely wait for.

Why Is This Pizza Shop in a Showdown With Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy?

In an interview with BA, Charlie Redd, the owner of Dragon Pizza in Somerville, MA, shares how he ended up in a shouting match with pizza’s most powerful tastemaker.

For These Chefs, Scallion Pancakes Are the Ultimate Creative Canvas

From New York to DC, the flaky flatbread is being transformed into burritos, burgers, and so much more.

The 8 Best Donut Shops in Portland, OR

From old-school classics to a chewy new wave of mochi donuts, these are the very best donut shops to start—or finish—your day.

Where to Drink Wine in Paris, According to a Sommelier for Michelin-Starred Restaurants

The wine buyer from the Michelin-starred COTE shares her eight favorite wine spots.

How to Split the Bill at a Restaurant, No Matter How Complicated

Only one person drinking? Your friend ordered the lobster? We asked etiquette experts how to split the check—and avoid paying more than your share.

This Chef Makes Some of Miami’s Favorite Caribbean Food—And It’s Entirely Vegan

At Dub N Grub, chef Kriss Kofi transforms plant-based proteins and local vegetables into crisp “chicken,” Jerk Rasta Pasta, and rich stews.

Maui Wildfires Leave Restaurant Workers Devastated—And Grappling With Tourism

Five local hospitality workers recount the harrowing days following the crisis and the eeriness of watching the visitors crucial to their economy sip mai tais at resorts.

This Is the Summer of Salted Soda

During this particularly scorching summer, restaurants are putting a dash of salt in their bubbly drinks.

Dinner and a Séance: The Wacky, Actually Delicious Return of Theme Restaurants

Experiential restaurants like Malibu Barbie Café, Karen's Diner, and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea are bringing new life to the flailing genre.

These Are the 12 Best Tacos in Los Angeles

Regional taco styles are flourishing in LA. These are local food writer and taco expert Javier Cabral’s picks for the absolute best ones across the city.

The Full List of California Restaurants That Kept, Earned, or Lost Michelin Stars in 2023

Everything to know about the restaurants in Michelin’s 2023 California restaurant guide.

Get to Know One of Texas’s Most Beautiful Restaurants

The Nicolett in Lubbock, Texas, pays homage to the region in ways that go beyond the menu. Here’s how chef-owner Finn Walter designed his tribute to the region.

Danny Meyer Doesn't Think You Need to Tip For Coffee or Takeout

The Shake Shack founder has waded into the tipping discourse, saying there’s no “obligation to tip whatsoever” on takeout or a quick coffee order.

Why the Best Bagels in the US Aren’t All in New York Anymore

From San Francisco to Philly and beyond, regional bagel culture is drawing intense obsession—and very long lines.

It’s Time to Admit That Sweet Bagels Are Great

Sorry haters, sweet bagels have always been good, and now, they're only getting better.

How a Single Bagel Sandwich Can Cost $20

At craft bagel shops like Rose Foods in Portland, ME, bagels have never been cheap. According to owner Chad Conley, this one would cost even more if he wanted to make a real profit.

The Correct Way to Eat a Bagel Is Open-Faced

It yields a superior ratio of bagel to schmear.

The Very Best Bagels in the US (Yes, Outside New York)

Bagels across America are seriously great now, as bakers develop their own regional styles. To celebrate, we put together a list of the finest ones—outside of New York and the tristate area.

The Chain Bagel Won't Win Awards. But It's Still Worth Loving

Chains like Panera and Einstein Bros. introduce most Americans to bagels. There are better options now—but these lo-fi bagels still have a place in food culture.

Welcome to the Great Bagel Boom

For too long, bagels have been just average outside NYC. But now, absolutely superb versions are having a national moment from California to Florida—and they're worth waiting in line to try.

The World's 50 Best Restaurants, According to the ‘World’s 50 Best’ List

This year’s controversial but hotly anticipated list was announced on June 20 at a ceremony in Valencia, Spain.

The 8 Best Italian Beefs in Chicago

From gravy-soaked classics to delightful new spins, Chicago’s iconic Italian beef is alive and well. Here’s where to find the very best versions, according to a local.

Two Thirds of Americans Still Don't Love Tipping, Apparently

A new study suggests that after a gratuity boom at the height of the pandemic, a lot of people think tipping has gotten out of hand. That's bad news for service workers.

Taco Bell's New Vegan Crunchwrap Doesn't Taste Like Meat—Just Like the Original

The fast food chain is testing a meatless and dairy-free version of its much-loved and constantly copied Crunchwrap. I knew I needed to track it down and give it a try.

Have Big Cities Lost Their Edge As Dining Destinations?

The real winners of this year's James Beard Awards were small cities and towns, which boxed out places like New York and San Francisco. It’s just one example of the way once-ignored places are taking center stage.

The James Beard Foundation’s Ongoing Drama, Explained

An Alabama chef was disqualified from award consideration on May 11 for allegedly breaching the foundation’s code of ethics. It’s not the foundation's first run-in with controversy.

Where to Eat in Portugal

This food-packed road trip itinerary will lead you to a bounty of fresh-caught seafood, fluffy egg tarts, and exciting new restaurants.

The James Beard Foundation Restaurant and Chef Awards to Be Announced June 5

Following excitement and drama, the prestigious awards will be announced at a ceremony in Chicago. The full list will be published here.

BA’s 8 Most Anticipated Restaurant Openings of Summer 2023

A fan-favorite pupusa pop-up finds a permanent home, Thai restaurant royalty open a second space, and six more summer restaurant openings we just can’t wait for.