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This homemade mac and cheese is our Platonic ideal: It is deeply cheesy and creamy and has a crunchy crust. Plus, it doubles easily for a crowd.
This tomatoey vegetarian pasta from Southern Italy makes the most of green beans.
This riff on pasta alla vodka swaps in Thai red curry paste for tomato paste and coconut milk for cream, resulting in extra intensity and spicy-sweet flavor.
With a few time-saving tricks, spoon-tender meatballs can be yours in about an hour.
A little saffron goes a long way in this standout sauce, finished with cracked pepper, salty Parmesan, and fragrant basil.
This cold soba noodle salad features green beans, radishes, soft baby lettuces, and a zesty vinaigrette punctuated with karashi, or hot Japanese mustard.
Meet your new picnic go-to. This tangy-coleslaw-meets-creamy-pasta-salad features a nutty sauce inspired by Japanese goma, or toasted sesame, dressing.
Cold, crunchy, spicy, nutty—this chicken noodle salad, featuring refreshing vegetables and springy noodles, is everything you want in a summer meal.
It’s creamy and velvety, with none of the standing around.

Kendra Vaculin

A quicker take on risotto featuring bright peas and your favorite pesto.
Toss bouncy udon in a speedy creamy sauce reminiscent of an Italian favorite.
It’s a little bit of science, and a little bit of tradition.

Alma Avalle

A quick sausage ragù with sweet-spicy gochujang and lots of butter. Excellent with handmade or store-bought noodles.
This robust main-course-worthy pasta salad balances buttery olives, bitter radicchio, and crunchy almonds with a bright, herbaceous dressing.
This bright and luscious dairy-free pasta relies on blended raw cashews for creaminess and a cooking method similar to risotto—in a fraction of the time.
This foolproof recipe for ricotta gnocchi turns out pillowy dumplings with a delicate chew. The lemon-cream butter sauce is just right for any occasion.
No funky, hard-to-pronounce ingredients in this versatile meat substitute, just lots of beets and chickpeas for texture and miso for a bit of umami.
Refrigerated tortellini is the perfect weeknight-meets-fancy-dinner. Here, a simple sauce of browned butter, garlic, lemon, and dill makes the pasta shine.
Transform two favorite store-bought ingredients—cheese ravioli and crispy fried onions—into a rich and luscious skillet dinner with a crispy, savory top.
This cozy pasta is a twist on a white Bolognese, with no tomatoes in sight. Swap in chicken legs if you prefer—rabbit tastes a lot like dark meat poultry.
Make this spicy rigatoni your new go-to Sunday sauce. The meaty sauce has a host of flavor enhancers not often found in traditional sugos. 
Making spaetzle at home is simple and satisfying. Serve it with buttery mushrooms or pair the naked dumplings with any saucy dish.
An Italian American favorite gets an Asian spin with chubby udon noodles and a dab of assertive Korean doenjang in the garlicky soy-butter sauce.