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How a 48-Year-Old Wild Salmon Fisher Eats on $30K-$80K in Cordova, Alaska

She and her fishing family hunt, catch, and harvest all of their game, seafood, and wild greens and berries.

How a 30-Year-Old Resident Physician Eats on $65K in Philadelphia

And how she snacks and meal preps between busy hospital rounds and lectures.

How a 55-Year-Old Mom and Retired Chef Feeds Four on $150K in Lake Geneva, WI

They’re on a single income in a resort town, and her husband likes to pretend he’s keto.

How a 24-Year-Old Waitress Eats on $18K/Year in Durham, North Carolina

And how much she spent in a week of eating (mostly) vegetarian and sipping Silly Little Beverages.

Eggs Are in Everything and Everywhere, All at Once

There’s no knowing an egg until you’ve broken it.

For These Couples, the Best Engagement Ring Is a Lump of Caramelized Sugar

Diamonds are out. Millennial couples are saying "screw tradition" and proposing with Ring Pops now.

Can the Seed Cycling Craze Actually Improve Your Menstrual Issues? We Asked Experts

The online trend claims that eating various seeds every day can ease your menstrual cycle and aid fertility.

The Impractical Pleasure of Eating Fish and Chips on the Beach

It's messy, but you haven't lived until you've tried it.

Junk Food, Redefined

A dive into "junk," simple (and not-so-simple) pleasures included.

The Twisted History of Licorice, the Candy We Love to Hate

Why this dud candy keeps on keeping on, despite a distinct lack of redeeming qualities.

Thank God, the Era of Goop-Style Snacks Is Ending

These are the scams, the stars, and the shifts that are defining the meals we eat between meals, according to Andrea Hernández.

Before Monster and Rockstar, There Was Bawls

The soft drink with a kick was all the rage at LAN parties in the early 2000s—and then it fizzled out.

The 12 Best Trader Joe’s Snacks of All Time (Yes, All of It!)

From peanut butter-filled pretzels to the infamous elote chips, Trader Joe’s is a treasure trove of snacks. These are the undisputed best.

The Restorative Power of Eating Chips Before Bed

The true pleasure of a long night out is returning home and burying my arm in a bag of chips.

There Is No Such Thing as "Junk" Food

Food hierarchies are, in truth, sorting mechanisms. It does not make you a worse person to eat "junk" food, and it certainly doesn’t make you a better person to eat whole grains.

How Healthy Are Fake Meats Like Impossible and Beyond, Really?

Beef-less beef is everywhere. Here’s how it stacks up nutritionally.

Why We Always Take Another Bite of Ice Cream, According to a Food Developer

Sarah Masoni, who has developed around 100 ice creams, explains the chemistry behind our love for frozen dairy.

Going to a Passover Seder? Here’s What You Need to Keep in Mind

A little advice for the newbies: Do bring your curiosity. Don’t bring that sourdough loaf.

Come for a Paperback, Stay for a Drink and a Snack

Bookstore-cafe combos are becoming the go-to spots for hungry readers.

How to Eat, Drink, and Entertain Like a Parisian

In Rebekah Peppler's new cookbook À Table, the writer shares how to cook and dine the French way.

How Is Buttered Toast So Good Every Time?

This is literally 600 words on the perfection of buttered toast. Read while toasting.

I Went Vegan for Love—And I Won’t Do It Again

Changing my diet didn't make Ben fall for me, but we became real friends once I stopped eating like him.

Shari Siadat Wants You to Glitter From Head to Toe

The beauty founder talks about loving her unibrow, teaching kids about makeup, and her grandmother’s Persian cooking.

I Hired a Cooking Therapist to Deal With My Anxiety

I went in as a skeptic and emerged with a new perspective on food (and myself).

‘Kid of the Internet’ Quinta Brunson Wants Us to Keep Growing (and Growing and Growing)

The comedian and author on coming of age on the web, adobo wings, and writing her first memoir.

What Is Nutritional Psychiatry? For Starters, It’s Delicious

How to eat for a better mood, according to the experts.

We're Calling It: Sage Green Is the Kitchen Color of 2021

It'll help you live, laugh, and love your space again.

For TikTok’s Kitchen Witches, It’s Been a Year of Magical Cooking

Home cooks seeking comfort and inspiration have prompted a renaissance of age-old spiritual practices.

We Were a Family Defined by Illness and Restriction. Oreos Helped Us Heal

They were a good choice for us then: a lot of calories packed into a bite full of sugar and fat.

To Stop Food Waste, We Need to Confront Our Food Anxiety

To understand the solutions, we first have to grasp the problem.

This Invisible Peel Will Save Good Avocados from Going Bad

When it comes to preserving your produce, Apeel has figured out a way to one-up Mother Nature.

When I Accidentally Became a Mother, I Had to Learn to Feed Us

The loving came easy, but cooking was a different story.

A Sensualist’s 7 Tips for Finding Sexual Freedom

Ev’Yan Whitney is all about sensual selfies, dance meditation, and writing letters to their inner child.

Depression Stole My Sense of Taste. Here’s How I Got It Back

Without the joy I used to feel at dinnertime, I no longer felt like me.

Learning to Ride a Bike Eased My Chronic Anxiety

At 25 I didn’t think much about my health until it got in the way.

7 Ways to Meaningfully Stock Your Local Community Fridge

We consulted mutual aid experts for advice on how they work and what we should be contributing.

6 Ways to Feel Your Best in Spring, According to an Ayurvedic Chef

Radhi Devlukia-Shetty is all about leafy greens, olive oil massages, and lots of tea.

Alexis Nikole Nelson Is Making #ForagerTikTok Our Favorite Place to Be

She's all about ’80s funk, bittercress salads, and finding abundance all around.

This Doctor-Turned-Chef Finds Medical Wisdom in Her Spice Cabinet

In her new cookbook, ‘Spicebox Kitchen,’ Linda Shiue, MD swaps her stethoscope for cinnamon.

My Pandemic Hobby Is Making Natural Wine in My Tiny Apartment

Some people got puppies, some got pregnant, and I got grapes.

I Ate Like a Boy to Avoid Being a Queer Man

Prolonging childhood allowed me to exist comfortably stunted in the safe margins of straight life.

This New Chat Line Lets You Text Your Favorite Chefs For Cooking Advice

As private messaging platforms come up against social media, DEMI brings cooking wisdom out of the DMs and into the group thread.

How Writing a Cookbook Helped Me Break Free From Diet Culture

It hit me one day like a splash of cold water in the face. I had only ever felt two things in my life: happy or fat.

As The Plant-Based Movement Grows, Puerto Rican Restaurants Are Veganizing Their Menus

From San Juan to Oakland, chefs are breaking new ground with meat-free takes on the classics.

This Online Group Taught Me the Joy and Solidarity of Buying Nothing

I found abundance when I freely let go of what I no longer needed.

Celebrating Lunar New Year in Isolation Is a Reminder of My Family’s Resilience

For us, Tết has always been a time of celebration and grief—this year more than ever.

Zoey Gong Wants to Bring Joy and Connection Back to Our Diets

With her Traditional Chinese Medicine company Five Seasons TMC, she’s redefining healthy eating and showcasing the beauty of China.

When Everything Happens at Home, I Set Boundaries to Stay Sane

Do they teach personal space in virtual kindergarten?

How Designer Ellen Van Dusen Lives In Technicolor

The professional maximalist shares how to play with color, patterns, and tchotchkes 

Healthyish at Home: 7 Ways to Make Your Space Feel Great

We consulted the experts to save our houseplants, bring order to our kitchens, and spark joy in our decor.

7 Candles, Incenses, and Sprays for an Instant Mood Boost

Stuck inside all day? Change up the vibe with scent.

Why I’m Trying to Cook Less in 2021

It’s the New Year’s resolution my soul needs.

This Herbal Capsule Melts Away My Tension Headaches

Hilma’s blend of herbs and minerals eases my pounding head like ibuprofen

“There’s a Nutrition Divide in This Country. So I Became a Dietitian.”

Dietitian Vanessa Rissetto wants a health care system that works for all, and she’s not going to sugarcoat it.