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The sweetened condensed milk makes a decadent custard, while the perfect ratio of spices highlights the pumpkin flavor. 
This easy pie is the perfect marriage of apple crumble and apple pie, because you shouldn’t have to choose.
Hadji bada, Iraqi almond cookies, have a floral backbone courtesy of a hint of rose water.
Our method guarantees perfect pumpkin pie that just happens to be three months old.

Julie Harans

Destined to be your go-to chocolate pie recipe for any and all occasions.
A sky-high pie with sharp lemon filling, sweet-and-salty meringue, and a shatteringly crisp crust.
What makes this the best chocolate chip cookie recipe? Crispy edges, chewy centers, and classic cookie flavor with every batch.
Nutty, chewy, and with just the right amount of add-ins to keep every bite interesting.
Got summer fruit and a few slices of staling sandwich bread? You’re just an hour away from this bubbling, juicy, cinnamon toast-y brown Betty.
Vanilla ice cream, espresso-spiked fudge, and lots (and lots) of chocolate cookie crunchies.
This showstopper has confetti cake layers, vanilla and strawberry ice cream, and rainbow sprinkles. Let’s party.
This dough is optimized for freezing so that you are never more than 25 minutes away from a warm, gooey cookie.
Custardy Atlantic Beach Pie meets a favorite fruity drink in this easy-breezy dessert.
This sauce comes together in the microwave and instantly hardens when poured over ice cream.
Topped with whipped cream and juicy berries, this giant shortcake is a must-bake for any summer party.
Think of this coconut cream pie recipe like a Samoa cookie in pie form, complete with a coconut graham cracker crust and caramel layer.
With peanut butter and quick-cooking oats, these fudgy no-bake cookies don’t even need an oven.

Rochelle Bilow

From silky, tart lemon meringue to cooling banana cream.
Whether you like your snickerdoodles cakey (purist) or chewy (rebel), this recipe has everything you need to make ’em right.
This laid-back dessert is creamy, tangy, crunchy, jammy—basically all the good things.
Most require just a single mixing bowl to make. (Oh! And an oven.)
Prepare for these toffee-and-chocolate-laced brown butter cookies to ruin you for all others.
This blueberry pie recipe packs in a whopping 8 cups of fruit. Complete with a lattice crust, it might even score you a date.
This superior peanut butter cookie gets a glazed sheen from oven-steaming and double-roasted peanuts for big flavor.
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