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Culture is a collection of Bon Appétit's content covering pop culture, features, and trends in the world of food.

I Didn’t Bring Food to Burning Man. Here's How I Survived the Week

Bon Appetit sent a photographer to document what Burning Man attendees ate. Then a historic storm blew in, our photographer got stuck, and Burners started conserving food and water.

‘Great British Baking Show’ Ends Unfunny National-Themed Weeks

Plus, US Open spectators get drunk and Cup Noodles releases a caffeinated edition.

What I Eat as a 50-Year-Old Carpenter Living on $815K in Eugene, OR

I buy corn from a beloved produce stand, make “no-peekies” sandwiches, and eat McDonald’s after a long travel day.

For Many Native Americans, Fry Bread Is Tasty, Nostalgic—and Complicated

Indigenous chefs and authors discuss the beloved and thorny legacy of the food. 

Zooey Deschanel’s Dream Dinner Party Is a Star-Studded, Old Hollywood Banquet

The star of “What Am I Eating?” and “New Girl” wants everyone to have access to fresh, healthy food.

“Swicy” Is TikTok's New Favorite Flavor (But It's Just Sweet and Spicy)

Plus, the pumpkin spice latte is back for its 20th year and Ed Sheeran works as a Starbucks barista.

Trader Joe’s Just Recalled Its Fifth Product and We’re Concerned

Plus, Fyre Festival returns and the Illinois State Fair’s butter cow isn’t fully butter.

What I Eat as a 25-Year-Old Baker Making $34,000 in Astoria, Oregon

I bake gluten-free cookies and figgy flatbread, visit breweries and food trucks, and feed leftovers to my cat.

Welcome to Grocery Girl Summer

According to TikTok, it’s the summer of Tomato Girls, Lemon Girls, and Vanilla Girls. And Cherry Girls. And Strawberry Girls.

Dear Lord, Dunkin’ Donuts Is Launching Spiked Coffees and Teas

Plus, debates over a restaurant’s cake-cutting fee and Al Roker’s donut breakfast sandwich.

Impossible’s Indulgent Burger Is Its Beefiest, Juiciest Patty Yet. But Is It Good?

The thick, salami-pink puck is “juicier, meatier, and all-around more indulgent.” That might be its problem.

What Kitchen Appliances Will Look Like in 50 Years

We asked scientists, designers, and engineers to invent appliances based on today’s tech and design trends that could hit shelves in the future.

'Chugging Influencers,' Who Slam Full Glasses Within 10 Seconds, Are Really Real

Plus, nearly 10,000 sandwich lovers have offered to change their first name to “Subway” to receive free subs for life.

What I Eat as a 38-Year-Old Attorney Making $330,000 in Dallas, Texas

I celebrate my birthday with steak and martinis, grill gochujang burgers and lamb skewers, and make negronis and carajillos.

I'd Avoided Apples My Whole Life. At the Foot of Mount Sinai, I Realized Why

“Like an Old Testament Eve, I’d ignored the portents until they caught up with me here," writes poet Rita Dove.

Wait, Children Can Legally Drink Nonalcoholic Beer?

Plus, Taco Bell is being sued for false Crunchwrap Supreme advertising and TikTok is smashing bottles down flights of stairs.

Plain Hot Coffee Is the Drink of the Summer

I know, I know—hot coffee in hot weather sounds wild. But there’s a reason it works.

America's Biggest Kombucha Brand Is Completely Rotten, Workers Say

A new court ruling finds intimidation, unpaid overtime, and other allegations of abuse at GT's kombucha factories, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Celebs, Please Stop LARPing as Service Workers

It’s weird. It’s out of touch. It’s Lana Del Rey, Ed Sheeran, and even Prince William “working” at restaurants and grocery stores.

I’m Begging to Know Why Lana Del Rey Was Working at Waffle House

Plus, Trader Joe’s recalls cookies that potentially contain rocks and Popeyes launches a “girl dinner” menu that’s just a bunch of sides.

What I Eat as a 28-Year-Old Field Scientist Making $30K/Year in a National Park in Washington

I eat tuna packets in the field and make spinach-zucchini smoothies and miso-marinated chicken at home.

The Vegans Who Refuse to Date Meat Eaters

“You can liken it to a religion,” says one. “It’s a set of values that reflect how we navigate this world.”

Kevin Hart Would Invite Jeff Bezos to Dinner

The comedian and “longtime occasional vegan” would keep the meal simple and the conversation serious.

Europeans “Don’t Believe in Water,” According to TikTok’s Tourists

Also, In-N-Out bans employees from wearing masks and Burger King launches a Barbie-themed burger.

Can Everyone Chill With ‘Girl Dinner,’ Please

They’re just snack plates. The online urge to brand everything is why we can’t have nice, normal things.

All the Outdoor Entertaining Gear You Need

This summer’s hottest club is your own backyard.

Aspartame Isn’t Great For You, But It (Probably) Won’t Kill You

Rejoice, Diet Coke fans. Although the WHO declared the artificial sweetener “possibly carcinogenic,” it probably won’t be the cause of your demise.

A United Passenger’s Tantrum Over His Meal Diverted the Entire Flight

Plus, Logan Paul’s energy drinks apparently contain the same amount of caffeine as six Cokes, and TikTok is obsessed with mustard and cottage cheese.

What I Eat as a 27-Year-Old Art Director Making $85K in LA

I eat catered lunches while shooting on set and buy both Erewhon bottle shakes and Taco Bell Crunchwraps.

Kristen Kish Will Replace Padma Lakshmi as New ‘Top Chef’ Host

Lakshmi, who hosted the show for 19 seasons, announced her departure in June.